Friday, February 3, 2012

more thrifts, no smiles

part 2 of the bangor goodwill trip.  and yes i do look rather dour in most of these pics.  but i am generally a happy person.  despite being unemployed and practically penniless... i have my shit together and its decent.  plus i have an interview at a temp company on tuesday so that hopefully will yield SOMETHING until can find an engineering job...
yet another silk paisley shirt that i thrifted... but this one is less piratey and has a tie at the neck.  i also thrifted the skirt and they happen to match quite nicely.  i have now purchased two red skirts [for $2.50 each] and have absolutely nowhere to wear them.  nor have i really ever worn red before in my life. 
a lovely vintage korean polyester shirt [with old navy skirt i bought in december for $7].  the shirt despite being made of plastic doesnt feel as cheap as some, but it will definitely be a winter-only shirt as it breathes like an asthmatic in a 5k.
i feel a little minnie mouse in this outfit, but i seem to be accumulating polka dot dresses with full skirts and school girl sweaters.  idk what that says explicitly about me..  lets not psychoanalyze that. 
a boden dress!  hell yea!  initially when i tried this on i was amazed at how unflattering it was.  pretty much a product of being on a hanger too long and my initial wash evened some things out.  unfortunately it is just the tiniest bit too low cut so i will probably wear a tank underneath.  then again its not like my massive boobage is hanging out there so as long as my bra isnt showing i might reconsider... 
aaand a yakpak purse for $5!  i remember seeing this in delias or the like ...maybe 6 years ago?  for about $45.  its a frikkin canvas purse with no internal pockets.  granted i should [could?] make something like this but where would i find adorable bird prints?  and since its canvas i just threw it in the washer with everything else i bought and the little bit of dingy went away and it smells like detergent instead of goodwill sanitizing chemicals. 

linking up to meagan's thursdays are for thrifters , erica's recycled fashion finds, and shana's thrifters anonymous


  1. i'm looking for full skirts also, butt i'm bad at finding things. post a frank pic! k byeee.

  2. i actually have a frank pic to post. soon.


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