Tuesday, February 28, 2012

jello shot booze cake

whenever there's cake, there is bound to be a party.  if it's booze cake... well you do the math.

frankly, the recipe [jelly shot cake from booze cakes purchase for me by my mother] was a bit more labor intensive than i would have liked.  stiffly beaten eggwhites and hand separated [consistency of snot] yolks aside, it turned out a pretty delicious smelling 9x13 sheet cake, replete with raspberry rum.

which of course fell in the middle.  cos its a fucking cake that i made. but i remedied that by chopping the cake in half and leveling out the bottom layer with a bread knife.  who needs fancy cake wires and measuring tools.  but really.. if id had the proper cake containers-large shot glasses-as the recipe asked for, it would have saved me a ton of grief.
in short, the jello [alcoholic jello no less] layer was supposed to be poured over the cooled cake, except the pan was too small [or the cake was too big].  or layered in glasses i don't own.  or cut out in adorable cookie cutter shapes and placed on top.  i tried that.  and in a fit of rage ended up smushing the jello into blobs, slapping it between two layers of cake, and frosting the whole catastrophe.  frosting made with excess jello, butter, and powdered sugar.  it came together surprisingly well if i do say so
to quote a friend, "that cake is pink as shit"


  1. whoa-- the icing on this cake looks AMAZING. I've never even thought of Jello as a filling. Holy moly. That's interesting.

  2. disturbing fact: after several days in the fridge, the mashed up jello in the leftover cake reconstituted itself into a solid layer...

  3. im gonna make the cake again [as green cupcakes] for st pats but no jello and no frosting. lime curd filling.


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