Thursday, March 1, 2012

recook and resew

a month or so ago i got takeout indian.  i was craving spicy meat and veggies... but the chicken korma i got was disappointing bland.  since i was going out of town and too cheap to throw it away, i chucked it in the freezer without a second thought.  welp monday i was too lazy to cook so i defrosted the korma and fixed it. 
nothing some toasted almonds, green beans, and a lot of sriracha couldnt fix!

i also cropped a skirt and some dresses a week ago.  and um the fabric is such that all 3 are a huge static trainwreck in my suffocatingly dry apartment.  so they will wait until spring when i can wear them without leggings/tights/pants/sweater/jacket/coat/blanket.  you get the idea.

nothing fancy.  just some inches off the bottom.  i am still considering taking the sleeves off the light blue floral dress, but they remain for now.

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