Friday, March 16, 2012

green stuff for st pats

sally hansen xtreme wear "going green" with ulta matte tips

lemon vodka cupcakes with green dye and key lime curd filling

sooo good.  srsly.

aaand my $4 plant was absurdly ridiculously rootbound and pretty much suffocating itself.  2 bags of potting soil, a trashbag full of roots, and another pot later... i cut apart the plant with a butter knife and repotted.  there was a tiny bit extra that fit in a 3" pot so i technically now have 3 plants.  but i'll probably forget about 2 and they'll die...and i'll be back to one.  until then they are seemingly healthy and survived the night in my 75 degree apartment


  1. That's a lot of green! I love the nails.

  2. thanks! i'll be checking out your blog when i have a bit more time, but i liked the outfits i saw!

  3. i need that cupcake recipe. asap. por favor y gracias.

  4. its a rather complicated recipe. i suppose i could scan a copy and send it to you?


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