Saturday, March 24, 2012

it was a good day

a direct quote from my grammie.  and welp it was.  the one negative: apparently i havent been eating enough bananas [or water maybe] and got the beginnings of an ubercharleyhorse while at the gym.  so i left.  before i had an actual serious cramp and fell off the elliptical or something.

no sewing updates.  in the midst of several refashions and after spring cleaning tomorrow [which may extend into the week depending on how thoroughly i do my closet] i will knuckle [or buckle] down and finish something.

but the positives:

i was actually at the gym.  in my snazzy new shoes.  cos sneakers with laces are overrated and these babies [designed for running ..?] were $30 and are light as flipflops.  genius. 
the temperature in my apartment, due to the fact that i opened all 7 windows fully and bought a 20" box fan, finally reached a comfortable level.  ie - it was 50 today - indoors i wore a sweater for a whole 2 hours instead of the hot second it takes for a bad outfit pic.
i bought 2 $.99 packs of easter eggs for decor.  yes i know they have holes in the top which is genius for stringing...perhaps not so much for display.  whatever. 
aaand i made [homemade] pasta with eggplant, peppers, and apple chicken sausage.  delicious and definitely not picture worthy as it looked like cubes of boring on top of lumpy.  appetizing no?  but i attempted rolling out pasta with a rolling pin and cutting it with a knife.  soooo much faster than the pasta rolling machine.  which obviously looks better, but im eating it.  i dont care. 

i enjoyed dinner with a shipyard applehead [think beer/cider], doctor who, and a snuggly kitty with his newly trimmed satan talons. 
also i discovered my new schmancy phone has more megapixels than my camera.  as yet undecided if thats negative or positive.  netural perhaps.

thank you for tuning into this episode of random shit in liz's brain, aka the story of my day


  1. oooh those shoes ARE shnazzy! and I need me a drink real fast. That cider looks delish.

  2. they are ridiculously comfortable too. and idk if you get shipyard where you are, but its brewed here in maine!

  3. HAHA. the shoes look cool but i really laughed at the egg comment. they are pretty genius for decorating though.

  4. i do what i can to be awesome. if your violin students need eggs theyre really cheap. and they have bright colors too.

  5. those shoes are really funny. but light shoes that are easy to get on are the way to go. pretty sure my favorite shoes are my cycling shoes because they velcro close!

  6. as it turns out..theyre a bit high in the back. and a week later my blisters finally arent bloody. yaaay.


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