Thursday, March 8, 2012

ranty mcranterson

we finally gave in and went to see the lorax last night.  most of the story was true to the book and didn't ruin many cherished childhood memories.  but the songs were annoying as hell.  not my point here.  at the gym i was perusing a people magazine whilst on the elliptical.

this review was where i read this gem:
But as this is one of the Doc's more political stories (it could even be called anti-capitalist), you may want to talk to kids about the issues it raises. After all, the Lorax speaks for the trees, but he may not necessarily speak for you.
you know what?  fuck you people magazine.  the point of the story is dont be a greedy consumerist environment raping asshole.  not that anti-capitalist beliefs will turn your children into socialist tree hugging lemmings.

not that its a bad thing.  i like trees.  but im a pinko commie liberal that thinks we should leave some of nature/water/clean air for future generations.  i must hate america.

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