Sunday, March 25, 2012

updating dresses

both in the i-havent-posted-real-things-in-awhile sense and cos the dresses were possibly from the 1970's.

anywho.  these were purchased over the last few week and either the pics have been on my computer or the unfinished product has been hanging next to my tv.  proceed:

overly elegant polyester maxi dress.. turned into a daytime dress with removable double peplum.  the glorified belt covers a sizable snag that i guess was there when i bought it [didnt notice] and unfortunately, the right pocket.  i wore this for st patrick's day celebrations [a potluck at a friend's house] aaand since were old, we were home by 12:30.  no carousing at crazy irish bars.  but when they have to put out portapotties to accommodate all the partiers [in maine of all places].. i am more than happy to go home.
matronly puff sleeves were removed and braided into a belt.  as i was sewing the arm holes closed again i ran out of bobbin thread so there was swearing.. but otherwise a very simple fix
 removed sleeves.  fin. 
oh eddie bauer.  you keep making these almost-updated dresses but they still have that slightly out-of-decade feel.  5" later.. much better.  i'll have to figure out the right placement for the under-boob seam cos in both pics its a bit wrong.  the fabric is surprisingly stretchy for rayon and shifts around a bit
last but not least..yet another blue and white print dress, and i'm not sure how much better the end product really is...  i unpicked the inside poof in the sleeves, cut off the weird cuffs, and sewed around the faux wrap top to tack down the flappy facing layer.  after trying it on again i decided knee-length would be better than just under so i turned the bottom hem up once and sewed a double seam.

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  1. you are super refashion queen. I like how all your dresses turned out. They look much better now and I like the modern vintage look.


  2. aw thanks! i guess i need to challenge myself to wear them now..instead of just piling them in my closet.

  3. Ooh, I love these, especially the pink and the light blue ones. I really wish I could sew like that!

  4. thanks! these fixes are relatively easy as long as you know how to sew in a straight line and you dont get impatient with a seam ripper and turn desperately to scissors... which ive done. with disastrous results

  5. love the pink dress update - but i love the faces you're making even more.

  6. cant always have my happy face on. sometimes its just straight up bitchface


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