Thursday, March 8, 2012

other thrift goodies

thrift the rainbow.  then let it hang dry in the bathroom...

what i thought was a vintage shirt [the tag has a website..] cos its soft and worn-in and ridiculously comfortable
red trousers.  a bit out of my comfort range color-wise but physically comfy as hell.  j crew i bet you never thought someone would buy your pants for $2.50
a pink evan picone shift dress.  now... bubblegum pink is def not my color.  but i couldnt pass it up.  and i dont think polyester takes dye very well... but i might try anyway. 
a peach pencil skirt with ruffles [bought several weeks ago and forgotten about in my laundry bin]
surprisingly still intact forever21 cotton sweater
a rather mod navy and white dress 
a collection of teal polyester [i have since opened the neckline on the first dress as not to be suffocatingly high]

and a corduroy blazer lined in red paisley satin.  that i also thrifted weeks ago and had failed to take  a pic thus far.  and the resulting pic is insanely overexposed cos that is the same door the rest of the pics were taken on... crap.


  1. you've found a lot of gems! I must go thrifting soon. I can't believe you got those red J Crews for that bargain price!

  2. thanks! im pretty excited about them. and well..thrifting is an addiction and i'm a pusher. ive come to terms with it

  3. i want that mod shift dress. i'd wear that shit to work.

  4. its just barely too big on me... it would need to be tailored a bit to fit you. perhaps if you come visit someday i'll fit it to you


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