Tuesday, March 13, 2012

liz's laundry [and an instant refashion]

what i wore to my interview [i am now a data-entry temp]
  • blazer: thrifted
  • striped top: macys
  • skirt: gap
  • tights: target
what i considered wearing but decided it was ::gasp:: too green
  • blazer and skirt: thrifted
  • top: esprit
  • tights: target
linking up to everybody, everywear
 Green: Everybody, Everywear

and now for your entertainment, a [mostly] instant no-commitment maxi-dress refashion.  aka what i'm gonna wear to a st pat's potluck and possible bar crawl.  in march.  in maine.  [its muddy]  click to enlarge any pic and see what ridiculous face im making
step 1: determine maxi-dress is absurdly long for wearing outside of the house/beach/perfectly pristine bucolic meadow.
step 2: grab a chunk out of the side
step 3: pull the rest of the dress semi-tight to form a tail
step 4: wrap with a rubber/plastic hair tie [fabric wrapped might work but these are less bulky]
step 5: dadaaa...oh wait.  i have a tail.  and its highly visible from the side

step 6: repeat steps 2-4 from the inside of the dress
voila.  a mid-length dress with a surprisingly flattering temporary tuck.  go eat and dance and carouse without having to worry about tripping on the hem of the dress [done that], holding the hem up while navigating stairs with a beer and/or food in one hand [done that], or fighting with static and gale force winds all night [done that too].

in short [bad pun wah waaah],  maxi dresses are a really nice idea.  in practice they are crap.  but i'm not quite ready to hack the bottom 15" of my dresses.

*edit* it does work with other less-busy polyester prints and chiffony-type layered dresses, worn before here and here
but very full maxi dresses leave a bit too much ruffle.  and a leg slit.  and i just cant compete with angelina jolie on the leg exposure. 


  1. Wow, you're a pro a refashioning those maxis! Oh, and I totally don't think that "almost wore" outfit was too green. It looks great and totally professional!

  2. Congrats on the temp job!! And thank you for the BRILLIANT maxi dress modification! It's gorgeous and shapely. I have to try it!

  3. Ok, I love maxis so I need to get to try this look. It is perfection on you. Hopefully I can pull it off with the same finesse. - Katie

  4. thanks! i might revisit the green and white outfit, but i need to determine how far i can push the office dress code..

  5. thanks! i'm excited about having somewhere to go everyday and the prospect of a paycheck again, and i'm trying to reconcile the fact that i will be typing 40 hours a week...

  6. thank you! hahha its easier than it looks!

  7. nice! mom told me about the data entry thing :)

  8. yup better than nothing... and it gives me another month to look for engineering stuff without feeling guilty

  9. Ok, first of all that last green dress looks fantastic on you! Second, I am OBSESSED with elephants and I really love that hair tie holder! Thanks for stopping by my blog love!

  10. thank you! the dress is possibly the best thing i've thrifted..but its rather impractical! the elephants are actually measuring cups, but i use them to hold miscellaneous things

  11. Wow, you're a pro a refashioning those maxis! Oh, and I totally don't think that "almost wore" outfit was too green. It looks great and totally professional!


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