Wednesday, August 26, 2009

withering garden...

idk if it has been too hot or i have been watering incorrectly [?] but shits dying!

from like 20 feet away you can already see something is going wrong on the left side. please ignore the large bare spot on the right side. there is a grape tomato that neatly cropped itself out of the pic, and since planting several weeks ago, has produced a total of 3 grape tomatoes! two of which were already turning orange when transplanted.

and its the cucumber, or pepino. idk if its experiencing a fungus or just a sunburn or if its just angry. maybe the feng shui is off. it is pretty near the chamomile and peppers...and nobody likes spicy tea. then again it is adjacent to the dead rosemary. but i digress.

from this shot the zucchini look pretty decent. the tomatoes are taking over..and it turns out the beans dont climb very well. they are in fact bush beans. oops.

my as yet unnamed heirloom tomato is also going the way of the saber toothed tiger. dead. in case you didnt follow. its still producing about 5 tomatoes a week, but some of the branches were weighted down more than their little capillaries could manage, and are now shriveled.

some peppers...

the highlight of my garden right now [besides my nicely mowed grass thank you very much]: three ghost eggplants! my regular eggplants are just maturing enough to have...maybe one. or its a dead flower. but i dont want to fuck with it just in case it decides to grow into a pretty purple blobby thing, otherwise known as an aubergine.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

tomato sauce

fresh from the garden

basil, parsley, & peppers from the garden [peppers were violently re-diced later on]

sauteing onions [for flavor only...and i will pick them out later]

diced tomatoes

sauce immediately after mixing

after 2 hours of boiling

5 hours after initial choppage. and including the forgotten garlic and tomato paste for thickening

bubbly closeup


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

mas frutas

porque la tomate no es un vegetale. bastards.

first bell pepper...and pretty sure the baby bok choi isnt supposed to flower. oops.

turns out the heirloom tomato is most likely not a black krim. i then thought it was a brandywine...but it doesnt have "potato like" leaves. so ummm its just a tomato. with two maybe yellow big boy tomatoes. or big girl. or some heirloom. idk people. theyre frikkin tomatoes that grew from plants i bought at the home depot. or maybe it was the stables garden center around the corner. or maybe even they were bought at your mom's house! jeeez.

cold spring harbor

apparently the cold spring harbor laboratory is famous for research in biology, cancer, and neuroscience. i thought long island was only known for brookhaven lab and tesla lab [now for the low low prices of $1.6 million]. i was as it seems, misinformed.


when the parents visited, we took a family trip to the cold spring harbor fish hatchery and aquarium. here are some photographic highlights. cos i like turtles. but not as much as this kid.

the spiny soft shell turtle is known for its general lack of...hard shell. however, it is less commonly known as the mean bully of the turtle tank and often pushes other turtles off their perch under the heat lamp.

very rare [and depressingly malformed] siamese terrapins

lily pond a la monet.

little end turtle has problems hanging on

lone turtle sitting
contemplating the water
thinking of haiku

swirling trout pool of DEATH. not nearly as creepy as the tank with year-old trout. packed in like..sardines

oh hai.

view from neighboring st john's episcopal church

Sunday, August 16, 2009

les films a la twitter

seen in theatre:
transformers 2: revenge of the fallen
shia labeouf runs around for 2.5 hours, the fallen is angry, megan fox is annoying as slivers under the nails, shit blows up. typical summer blow-em-up, not going to win any oscars

public enemies
johnny depp rides on the running boards with a tommy gun, a wee bit of romance ensues, people are scum, bullets to the eye dont end well. more men should don fedoras on a regular basis..but enough with the killing everyone.

gratuitous gay sex scenes for shock value, appalling behavior by everyone else. ummm would not ever see again but generally hilarious

ice age 3: the meltdown
scrat finds love, sid becomes a mommy, giant angry dino takes on gianter angrier dino. lower [extinct] mammals realized they werent the end all be all. now if only humans could figure that one out.

harry potter 6
harry is confused. hermione is confused. ron is confused. snape is conflicted. dumbledore is...ixnayed. kind of a lame ending like the book, but all is resolved in hp7. dun dunnnn

fast & furious
what a ridiculous fucking movie. but it has vin disel. thats about the only high point. and it "chronologically connects the other movies". han says something to the effect of "yo im taking my money and going back to tokyo" even though hes a korean hottie. thus...the next movie.

fast and the furious: tokyo drift
fortunatly this was a free library rental. dear lord. tokyo is deeply shamed that this movie was filmed on location.

ghost town
quirky, amusing, a bit lengthy.

i watched part of this in a bar several years ago. i should not have bothered to watch the rest. except halle berry saying "what a puuuurrrrrfect idea". it really really wasnt.

in the name of the king: a dungeon siege tale
oh jason statham. he can usually make a shitty movie watchable. but in this case.. weird evil creatures + strange magic + matthew lillard whining = dungeon fail tale.

death race
jason statham marathon. i do like ian mcshane even if he does usually play a creepy older man. the movie opens in a world where the US is in total economic depression, unemployment is at an all time high, factories are closing.... anyone care to start a deathrace streaming internet broadcast?

the spirit
weeeeeird. but pops says its true to the comic. so ummm ok. def wasnt a bad movie.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

happy birthday pops

we had a whale of a time. which i personally think is the most inane statement ever. its like saying we had a gargantuan water beast that acts like a fish but is a mammal and has baleen instead of teeth and grows barnacles on its tough leathery skin when its not being poached!

but i digress.

chocolate cake courtesy of leah, recipe courtesy of grandma, idea courtesy of australian women's weekly cake cookbook

ummm yea thats a water spout. on a different plate. with a candle that looks like a tombstone. a little morbid. but amusing nonetheless

wally whale is still smiling. even though he has been attacked by japanese whaling vessels and broken down for sashimi and tallow

but basically... 4 people on somewhat restricted diets see a chocolate cake. they descend not unlike a horde of locusts. and do not apologize.

welp i would rather turn his smile upside down... but he atleast is fully contained in a dish that can be covered in plastic wrap to avoid ants!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


the abandoned kitties


random backyard mushrooms



block island

dulce vivir, copan, honduras


veggies. for the 20th time.

my first ghost eggplant! and some edamame!

the first yellow tow-mater.

more kitties

since i cant be a crazy cat lady...ill have to be satisfied with a shitload of pictures

there are actually 3 cats up on the fence. and i only noticed cos they were all going MERRROOOOWWWWWWW

big eyes!

pretty kitty. i dont think its a stray. just an indoor/outdoor cat

today's show is brought to you by the letter rlkhvcxnmsd

momma frank only has one baby now. :(

Thursday, August 6, 2009

the roommate quiz

1. there are dishes in the sink and you just added a plate. you:
a. wash yours only
b. ignore them
c. wash the dishes and then complain
d. wash all the dishes, some random ones on the counter, and that pan that has been on the stove for 3 days

2. you are doing laundry. you:
a. wash and dry your sheets for the 3rd time this month
b. forget your clothes in the washer for 4 days
c. wait for someone else to do it for you
d. do laundry like a normal person

3. the grass is getting kind of long outside. you:
a. dutifully mow after a week cos you know it's your chore
b. ignore it and act indignant when asked to mow
c. hint at the fact that it needs to be mowed and you work an 8-5 job every day
d. start looking for someone to hire that will be more responsible

4. one roommate has exams coming up. you:
a. disappear into your room for long periods of time
b. invite people over to party cos its not your problem
c. go to bed early. you work anyway
d. are the one with the exams

5. there are a pile of crumbs and junk mail on the table. you:
a. meticulously sweep all the crumbs on the floor [off the table] and recycle the junk mail
b. ignore it. and probably add to the mess
c. wipe up the crumbs with a lysol wipe and recycle the junk mail
d. leave a note about cleaning up your own shit, clean up the crumbs, get angry that there are more on the floor, vacuum and wash the floor, recycle the junk mail, and put the paper recycling out on the curb to be picked up

6. one roommate is having trouble sleeping at night. you:
a. sneak in and out and in and out of the house like a mouse
b. slam the doors, yell in the hall [sober and drunk], turn on the tv at full blast, leave pandora playing on your computer, and then decide its time to play some more guitar hero
c. sleep like a baby in your insulated basement lair
d. are the one with insomnia

7. freak snow storm last night. you:
a. sleep in until 3pm and dont really notice cos you dont leave the house
b. see the driveway and street are snowed in when you go have a cigarette, dont care
c. shovel the driveway, sidewalk, paths to the parked cars, and salt the sidewalk so noone falls
d. cant shovel as you are a delicate flower

8. your bedroom is:
a. an obsessively spartan room with nicely framed posters
b. a shithole with "art" that is actually cut-outs of centerfolds with some mirrors that you dont use as you dont actually get any play
c. an amorphous blob that has taken over the whole basement with crafty shit, wall decor [that is actually tasteful], and air fresheners
d. kind of small for the amount of furniture in it, and rather pink

9. you drive:
a. your best friend's honda
b. everyone absolutely insane. and you lost your license to a DWI
c. a mini cooper
d. a tank

10. everyone is pissing you off beyond belief. you:
a. go in your room and sleep some more
b. flip out and start yelling back cos bitches dont know shit. and then go smoke some more pot
c. flip out and start yelling back cos he is the most inconsiderate, useless, slovenly living thing you have ever met
d. try and calm everyone down and then break out in stress hives, mono, and back spasms. everyone then calms down.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

fluffy animals and a banana.

last seen: outside comsewogue library
wanted for: being miniature and adorable

frank enjoys sitting on the mail


not fluffy. or an animal.

trespassing at a winery

a winery in saint james across from borellas farm stand

ooh look its got rows...

nicely manicured rows

and grapes! i figured it was too early in the season

and a closeup when i walked down the row a bit
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