Thursday, August 6, 2009

the roommate quiz

1. there are dishes in the sink and you just added a plate. you:
a. wash yours only
b. ignore them
c. wash the dishes and then complain
d. wash all the dishes, some random ones on the counter, and that pan that has been on the stove for 3 days

2. you are doing laundry. you:
a. wash and dry your sheets for the 3rd time this month
b. forget your clothes in the washer for 4 days
c. wait for someone else to do it for you
d. do laundry like a normal person

3. the grass is getting kind of long outside. you:
a. dutifully mow after a week cos you know it's your chore
b. ignore it and act indignant when asked to mow
c. hint at the fact that it needs to be mowed and you work an 8-5 job every day
d. start looking for someone to hire that will be more responsible

4. one roommate has exams coming up. you:
a. disappear into your room for long periods of time
b. invite people over to party cos its not your problem
c. go to bed early. you work anyway
d. are the one with the exams

5. there are a pile of crumbs and junk mail on the table. you:
a. meticulously sweep all the crumbs on the floor [off the table] and recycle the junk mail
b. ignore it. and probably add to the mess
c. wipe up the crumbs with a lysol wipe and recycle the junk mail
d. leave a note about cleaning up your own shit, clean up the crumbs, get angry that there are more on the floor, vacuum and wash the floor, recycle the junk mail, and put the paper recycling out on the curb to be picked up

6. one roommate is having trouble sleeping at night. you:
a. sneak in and out and in and out of the house like a mouse
b. slam the doors, yell in the hall [sober and drunk], turn on the tv at full blast, leave pandora playing on your computer, and then decide its time to play some more guitar hero
c. sleep like a baby in your insulated basement lair
d. are the one with insomnia

7. freak snow storm last night. you:
a. sleep in until 3pm and dont really notice cos you dont leave the house
b. see the driveway and street are snowed in when you go have a cigarette, dont care
c. shovel the driveway, sidewalk, paths to the parked cars, and salt the sidewalk so noone falls
d. cant shovel as you are a delicate flower

8. your bedroom is:
a. an obsessively spartan room with nicely framed posters
b. a shithole with "art" that is actually cut-outs of centerfolds with some mirrors that you dont use as you dont actually get any play
c. an amorphous blob that has taken over the whole basement with crafty shit, wall decor [that is actually tasteful], and air fresheners
d. kind of small for the amount of furniture in it, and rather pink

9. you drive:
a. your best friend's honda
b. everyone absolutely insane. and you lost your license to a DWI
c. a mini cooper
d. a tank

10. everyone is pissing you off beyond belief. you:
a. go in your room and sleep some more
b. flip out and start yelling back cos bitches dont know shit. and then go smoke some more pot
c. flip out and start yelling back cos he is the most inconsiderate, useless, slovenly living thing you have ever met
d. try and calm everyone down and then break out in stress hives, mono, and back spasms. everyone then calms down.

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