Tuesday, August 18, 2009

cold spring harbor

apparently the cold spring harbor laboratory is famous for research in biology, cancer, and neuroscience. i thought long island was only known for brookhaven lab and tesla lab [now for the low low prices of $1.6 million]. i was as it seems, misinformed.


when the parents visited, we took a family trip to the cold spring harbor fish hatchery and aquarium. here are some photographic highlights. cos i like turtles. but not as much as this kid.

the spiny soft shell turtle is known for its general lack of...hard shell. however, it is less commonly known as the mean bully of the turtle tank and often pushes other turtles off their perch under the heat lamp.

very rare [and depressingly malformed] siamese terrapins

lily pond a la monet.

little end turtle has problems hanging on

lone turtle sitting
contemplating the water
thinking of haiku

swirling trout pool of DEATH. not nearly as creepy as the tank with year-old trout. packed in like..sardines

oh hai.

view from neighboring st john's episcopal church

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