Wednesday, August 26, 2009

withering garden...

idk if it has been too hot or i have been watering incorrectly [?] but shits dying!

from like 20 feet away you can already see something is going wrong on the left side. please ignore the large bare spot on the right side. there is a grape tomato that neatly cropped itself out of the pic, and since planting several weeks ago, has produced a total of 3 grape tomatoes! two of which were already turning orange when transplanted.

and its the cucumber, or pepino. idk if its experiencing a fungus or just a sunburn or if its just angry. maybe the feng shui is off. it is pretty near the chamomile and peppers...and nobody likes spicy tea. then again it is adjacent to the dead rosemary. but i digress.

from this shot the zucchini look pretty decent. the tomatoes are taking over..and it turns out the beans dont climb very well. they are in fact bush beans. oops.

my as yet unnamed heirloom tomato is also going the way of the saber toothed tiger. dead. in case you didnt follow. its still producing about 5 tomatoes a week, but some of the branches were weighted down more than their little capillaries could manage, and are now shriveled.

some peppers...

the highlight of my garden right now [besides my nicely mowed grass thank you very much]: three ghost eggplants! my regular eggplants are just maturing enough to have...maybe one. or its a dead flower. but i dont want to fuck with it just in case it decides to grow into a pretty purple blobby thing, otherwise known as an aubergine.

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