Wednesday, August 12, 2009

happy birthday pops

we had a whale of a time. which i personally think is the most inane statement ever. its like saying we had a gargantuan water beast that acts like a fish but is a mammal and has baleen instead of teeth and grows barnacles on its tough leathery skin when its not being poached!

but i digress.

chocolate cake courtesy of leah, recipe courtesy of grandma, idea courtesy of australian women's weekly cake cookbook

ummm yea thats a water spout. on a different plate. with a candle that looks like a tombstone. a little morbid. but amusing nonetheless

wally whale is still smiling. even though he has been attacked by japanese whaling vessels and broken down for sashimi and tallow

but basically... 4 people on somewhat restricted diets see a chocolate cake. they descend not unlike a horde of locusts. and do not apologize.

welp i would rather turn his smile upside down... but he atleast is fully contained in a dish that can be covered in plastic wrap to avoid ants!


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