Sunday, August 16, 2009

les films a la twitter

seen in theatre:
transformers 2: revenge of the fallen
shia labeouf runs around for 2.5 hours, the fallen is angry, megan fox is annoying as slivers under the nails, shit blows up. typical summer blow-em-up, not going to win any oscars

public enemies
johnny depp rides on the running boards with a tommy gun, a wee bit of romance ensues, people are scum, bullets to the eye dont end well. more men should don fedoras on a regular basis..but enough with the killing everyone.

gratuitous gay sex scenes for shock value, appalling behavior by everyone else. ummm would not ever see again but generally hilarious

ice age 3: the meltdown
scrat finds love, sid becomes a mommy, giant angry dino takes on gianter angrier dino. lower [extinct] mammals realized they werent the end all be all. now if only humans could figure that one out.

harry potter 6
harry is confused. hermione is confused. ron is confused. snape is conflicted. dumbledore is...ixnayed. kind of a lame ending like the book, but all is resolved in hp7. dun dunnnn

fast & furious
what a ridiculous fucking movie. but it has vin disel. thats about the only high point. and it "chronologically connects the other movies". han says something to the effect of "yo im taking my money and going back to tokyo" even though hes a korean hottie. thus...the next movie.

fast and the furious: tokyo drift
fortunatly this was a free library rental. dear lord. tokyo is deeply shamed that this movie was filmed on location.

ghost town
quirky, amusing, a bit lengthy.

i watched part of this in a bar several years ago. i should not have bothered to watch the rest. except halle berry saying "what a puuuurrrrrfect idea". it really really wasnt.

in the name of the king: a dungeon siege tale
oh jason statham. he can usually make a shitty movie watchable. but in this case.. weird evil creatures + strange magic + matthew lillard whining = dungeon fail tale.

death race
jason statham marathon. i do like ian mcshane even if he does usually play a creepy older man. the movie opens in a world where the US is in total economic depression, unemployment is at an all time high, factories are closing.... anyone care to start a deathrace streaming internet broadcast?

the spirit
weeeeeird. but pops says its true to the comic. so ummm ok. def wasnt a bad movie.

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