Friday, February 17, 2012

red white and blue thrift?

blue stripey satiny skirt, white tiered pencil skirt, stretchy target skirt that i think i used to own in black

still deciding if i should chop off the skirt.  cos really, who needs a full length red python print skirt?  with a 90's slit up the back?
distracted by the psycho kitters.  this is actually part of a 2 piece-er.  obvi this is the bottom half, but its an awkward length as a skirt.  it makes a nice flowy dress though minus static cling from hell

and as yet another argument for standard sizing, here are two blue dresses that fit me perfectly
on the left size 14 target shift dress, on the right size 8 ninewest dress

*edit* check out this link what size am i 

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