Thursday, January 27, 2011

all i do is sew..

..and sleep, eat, watch battlestar galactica [nerd.  i know], and never leave the house.  but monday that will pretty much die.  january 31st i begin my 2nd semester of grad school.  but until then:
does that look familiar? 
mixed prints [back side is same fabric w/ matching pocket]
most difficult handle ever.
the other side [hanging off a can of quilting basting spray..]
a poor result for handles.  will not attempt in the future
soooo this was inspired by a mutant ice cream cone plush in my sewing book..  mostly it looks like a dementedly colored oversized peas-in-the-pod instead of a banana split.  i guess it could use some happy bananas but i dont have any yellow fluff. 


  1. omg SOOOOO cute!!!! i want one!!!!!!

  2. err a purse or a weird squishy ice cream?

  3. haha... i like the little faces on the squishy guys. i could see a banana split! Just make a long yellow puffy banana! ^__^

    PS your bags look way more amazing than anything i could ever do, don't give up on those handles! i am the worst seamstress ever... !


  4. thanks! i had some bright yellow fleece at one point.. i might have to search thru my fabric pile


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