Monday, January 31, 2011

winter dressy

failed part time job search outfit #1
  • jacket: romeo & juliet couture
  • tank: kenneth cole
  • skirt: thrifted and resewn
  • over the knee socks: target
failed part time job search outfit #2
  • 3/4 shirt: calvin klein
  • scarf: h&m
  • belt: charlotte russe
  • skirt: target
  • leggings: unknown
  • knee socks: target
  • sweatshirt: zara italy
  • turtleneck: uniqlo
  • overly garish necklace: ny&co
  • badly stretched skinny jeans: gap
  • green tunic/dress: kimchee blue
  • vest: gap
  • skirt: h&m
  • leggings: uniqlo
  • faux suede boots: target
the only purple/black outfit of the bunch
  • sweater: ann taylor
  • floral lace tanktop: bealls outlet [think of the scariest tacky florida store you can fathom.  then its outlet]
  • skirt: target
  • belt: charlotte russe
  • tights: target
that is a lot of pictures of me.  looking displeased.  and all with my hair mostly au naturale.  which i was actually worried about for a period of time.  after returning from the 3 week lounge in florida, i dyed my hair using feria "hi-lift" which is designed especially for dark hair.   welp... minus the fact that it isnt "downtown brown," it is a uniform color, but i thought i had fried the curls out of my hair.  turns out it was mostly cos the weather was 4 degrees and static was high as fuck.  the dry air frizzed my hair straightish for a few days, but since its back to the regular 20-30 degrees all is well. 

i also had some better "failed part time job search outfits" but forgot to take pictures.  

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