Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2 years and counting

welp i missed my 2 year "blog-a-versary" by a few days.  damn.  good thing my mom still reads this.

since florida, i have shoveled a declared shitload of snow  [unofficially 20" in my neighborhood] and searched fruitlessly for a part time job.  doing ANYTHING.
see the antennae?  thats my car.
after some help from neighbors.  note, i had to shovel a path thru the yard just to get across the street to my car.  unpictured-helping elderly neighbor shovel out his 2 cars, my roommate's car and our driveway, and a further car-shaped spot next to our driveway for another roommate's car.  and back pain. 

i also attended a housewarming party with a bunch of particle physicists.  and of course i made cupcakes.
yes that is a radiation symbol.  i was going to make the house look like an atom with electrons circling it.. but my fondant decorating pens were a bit dodgy.

neatly arranged in my birthday cupcake tree! needless to say, the radiation cupcakes were readily consumed over the house cupcakes.  and it was explained to me how to actually make a cupcake radioactive using only household materials.  much wine was consumed but the gist was... cannibalize the smoke detector and therein lies some radioactive isotope/element/part.  then schmear it on the cupcake.  voila. 


  1. probably my favorite post so far.

  2. cos of the random disjointedness of my topics? or is it the radioactive cupcakes..


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