Saturday, January 22, 2011

friday night sewing..

yes i spent my friday night [after delicious homemade jambalaya and the fringe return] making stuff with fabric.  and taking blurryass pictures. the finished product took about 90 minutes.  it would have been faster had i not cut one piece wrong to begin with... but thats thats.

the steps:
cutting with my own janky patterns [or even store patterns] i prefer not to pin.  pattern weights would be nice but think shoe-string-budget.  so i use plastic rulers.  theyre sort of heavy.
sides and back sewn together.  it was supposed to be a wrap type dealio.  that soon changed.
attempting to fit a sleeve
pinning on said sleeve
the back is a little crooked and the right sleeve is a bit fucked up.  get over it.  i did.

in summary: weird sparkly not quite plaid/tweed itchy fabric requires double stitching to reduce fraying and is a bitch to work with.  also, i have discovered about 90% of my sewing does not turn out as planned.  that means i am either a poor seamstress or i have way too lofty ambitions.  both are entirely possible.

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