Monday, January 24, 2011

more sewing stuff

joann's carries dwell brand canvas.  so i made totes. 
and the roommate and i have been discussing making random plushies for the new long island children's hospital.  so i attempted to add ears to a pillow.
the result was...less than satisfactory.
and since were also a bunch of dirty hippies we made some reusable produce bags to go with our reusable grocery bags.  the nylon mesh is surprisingly hard to find but not that difficult to sew. 


  1. LOVE the green leafy tote bag!
    very snazzy...

  2. thx! theres a 4th coordinating fabric i have yet to use

  3. The thing with ears is so cute!!

  4. hahh thanks! it went to the thrift store yesterday in a pile of stuff to donate. hopefully someone likes it!


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