Tuesday, April 6, 2010

girl scout gyppies?

last friday i was at the bank and girl scouts were selling cookies in the lobby. due to an interoffice wive's spat last year, there were no girl scout cookie sales. mind you i think the cookies are supposed to benefit the GIRLS not their mothers and their mothers' need for ego boosters. but i digress. my mom also sent cookies in an easter box for the sis and me. as i was loading all my newly acquired cookies into the freezer i made a discovery.

cookies from new york are not the same as cookies from maine.

the box on the left is from maine. there, delicious chocolate dipped caramel coconut cookies are called caramel delites. in new york...they are still called samoas. and the come in a SMALLER BOX.

but wait... the samoa box is .5 ounces, 14 grams heavier?

according to nutrition facts..there are 2 more cookies in the maine box. this leads me to believe the following: caramel delites are smaller, lower in salt, lower in fat, higher in sodium, and higher in sugar. but there are more individual cookies than in the samoa box. idk what is worse...or what to think even.

and i wont even get started on the thin mints.

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