Saturday, December 11, 2010

long forgotten clothes

the dark depths of my closet hold vast untold wonders.  such as a light jacket i bought for $10 maybe 3 years ago and a dress that is quite unflattering but ridiculously comfortable.  and at one point apparently also held frank for an undetermined period of time, as bloody paw swipes were found after i returned from thanksgiving break.  it was later admitted the roommate had searched my closet for holiday-wear and hadn't noticed a black flash fly past.  after further investigation, it was also one noticed he was missing and after escaping the clutches of certain boredom, frank managed not to get any blood on my rug.  no idea how, but he emerged remarkably unscathed.  minus the blood on the back of my closet doors. 
  • scarf: from grammie
  • khaki jacket: body central aka the slut store
  • black tank: kenneth cole
  • jeans: gap
  • dress: erge [from ideeli]
  • scarf: urban oufitters [super clearance]
  • boots: target
  • necklace: ae

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