Saturday, December 18, 2010

pie and resewing

so as of somewhere around noon on saturday i will be officially done with my first semester of grad school!  this calls for celebration and ..the rest of the department agrees.  mostly cos theyre done too.  so there's a party!  and i baked an apple pie!
hopefully its good..
but atleast its seasonal and cute!
i also resized an old flannel shirt of my grandfather's in chicsteals style.  but i also had the benefit of a b oleyar curve thinger my mom bought ages ago for pattern making.  i dont have a vcr to watch the "how to" but its pretty self explanatory for refitting.  i used the curve that reads "front arm half".  in future sewing i may just cut the sleeves off and go from there instead of the whole seam ripping bull shit.  but until then, i have a tunic made from my poppa's shirt!

this was one of my first savers purchases...last summer.  probably the best thrift store ever-clean, well organized by both size and color, spacious, well lit, and did i mention clean?  you dont get that "oh gawd now i have lice and bedbugs and its dark and dingy so i cant really see what im holding right now but it feels like polyester" feeling.  anywho.  the purchase [among others] was a size 18 target skirt.  i assumed i could somehow resize the waistband for wearing. 
welp i finally got around to sewing it.  i ripped off the waistband entirely, removed the zipper and lining, sewed up the side again, and just added elastic.  simple.  and it still has the nice flowy pleats and took about an hour once i got down to it.  6 months later.  meehhh.

i made my 2nd savers run last week and introduced some friends to the best thrift store ever.  3 hours later...they are fully converted.  and an hour after returning home i already had all my new purchases in the washer, including this oversized sweater
  • sweater: all american comfort [thrifted]
  • sparkly seamed leggings: charlotte russe
sparkly leggings cos... i already set aside my regular black leggings to pack!  for florida!  on monday!  assuming it doesnt snow!  gak.  and yes the next outfit i wore a black shirt with brown pants.  and black and brown belts as well.  naysayers be damned.  
  • scarf: h&m
  • shirt: kohls
  • dress: h&m
  • belts: charlotte russe
  • corduroys: gap
  • blue suede shoes [booties]: zara

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