Sunday, August 22, 2010

digi kodachrome

so as it turns out the "vivid" function on the manual setting on my camera... is the the digital equivalent of kodachrome. granted paul simon will never sing about vivid cos it just doesnt have the same ring. but it looks pretty cool

sorting my pen box. cos i had a box. filled with pens. being a good asian, most of them were sakura gelly rolls [actually bought in japan!] or regular staples-bought gel pens. surprisingly, 95% of the american gel pens were dead... while only the yellow/gold gelly roll pen was running out of ink. i actually remember thinking it was on its way out the last time it was used... 5 years ago.

my first ever vegan dinner which i ruined 10 minutes later with a delicious piece of bread and butter. fuck that vegan shit. mostly i just was too lazy to buy meat for weeks and only had veggies on hand. from top: bartlett pear, chopped salad [asian cole slaw], eggplant and spinach with balsamic glaze, zuc and yellow squash saute.

extra contrasty fruit

LI fest [one of 83000 this summer]

garden pickins

clockwise from left: grape tomatoes, dill bolting as usual, ichiban eggplant, heirloom tomatoes, rosemary, oregano, flat leaf parsley, and basil also bolting as if its very life depended on it. which ... it sort of does but i dont continue that whole plant life cycle. i buy seeds. too lazy to dry, store, and replant.

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