Wednesday, November 10, 2010

flakes easily with a fork

...probably the stupidest cooking instruction ever.  heres what it actually means-cook fish until you can cut the thickest part with the side of a fork or even a spoon.  if you cant... its gooey and raw somewhere near the middle and you will get sick and die.  maybe.  but you will probably have mercury and other heavy metal poisoning so perhaps the raw fish part wont even be the worst.  anywho.
somewhat underripe plum, rice, miso salmon, and sauteed green beans
the best part of cooking salmon in tin foil is the fact that the skin and nasty scales get stuck and you just crumple and throw away!  and if you arent too overzealous with the fork you can possibly skip the pan washing part.  but in principle that is kind of a disgusting im-a-lazy-guy method and i humbly suggest you wash the goddamn pan, put it in the drying rack, and put it away when dry.  instead of leaving it for someone else to do.  and while youre at it, take out the motherfucking trash for once.  it is traditionally a man's job and it wouldnt kill you to do it once.  seriously.


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