Friday, November 5, 2010

skirts and tights

the first outfit is a little short but i was wearing shorts underneath.  which made the whole "its a fucking gale storm outside" a bit more tolerable. 
  • sweater: pacsun
  • dress: macys [$6]
  • boots: target
the skirt in this second outfit.. is the one i bought from fredflare and complained about as it was much too small.  welp. it fits now!
  • tank: ny&co
  • scarf: unknown
  • skirt: fredflare
my kind of post-halloween alice-in-wonderland-grown-up-in-real-life ...outfit
  • shirtdress: h&m
  • floofy skirt: h&m
  • tights: macys
  • shoes: steve madden
  • purple dress: benneton
  • tights: macys
  • boots: target
  • scarf: also unknown

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