Thursday, September 16, 2010

fred flare vs modcloth

to start, i do know in my head somewhere that shipping costs if "free", the price of shipping is already incorporated into the price of the items for sale.  I KNOW.  lets just get that tidbit out of the way.

anywho.  recently, i made several online purchases from retailers i know to be both cute and way overpriced.  mind you, i receive regular emails from both, ooh and ahh for awhile over the clothes, and then trash the emails.  why the fuck am i going to pay $90 for a one-of-a-kind "vintage look" dress.  its not even vintage.  and really all vintage means is its some really old dress someone found and is now marking up at more than triple the cost cos its "trendy".  ummm no.  i dont buy it.  plus "one-of-a-kind" from an online distributor is like buying a "limited edition touring package" on your car-stupid, overpriced, and you bought the hype.  too bad for you.  but apparently it was super-mega-clearance season.  woohoo!

from fredflare i bought this sparrow necklace that i have been admiring for a year or two now, and a skirt that was on super discount and is adorable and the "xl" that was left is about a size small.  fuck.  i will be attempting to remedy said situation with sewing...shortly.  regardless, the total [with free shipping] came to $40.23, shipped out from queens in about 6 hours, and arrived a day later, complete with UPS tracking.

on the other hand, from modcloth i bought a sundress, a tunic that was called a "dress", and a 3 pack of kitchsy calico cat fridge magnets which...turns out are now the strongest magnets on the fridge.  with my order i received free, 2 pairs of wood "naturey" earrings.  besides the fact the two dresses fit perfectly and i am becoming a crazy cat lady, i paid $7 in shipping, my order took 4 days to process, and 4 days to arrive from dun dun..... pittsburgh.  NOT THAT FAR.  and umm really kids?  free shipping from amazon takes a week from order to delivery.  paid shipping is usually 2 day. 

so what did i learn?  ummmm not a whole lot. 

my choices are apparently, free fast shipping for an item that was mismarked or i am entirely too huge for [?], or slow expensive shipping for things that happen to fit? 


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