Monday, September 6, 2010

more fruits of my [manual] labor

welp... blogger apparently is doing away with the "old posting format" which means... unless i want to caption my pictures or have 37 "enters" next to each picture, they will be centered.  which annoys me to no end.  oh and it also took me about 4 tries to upload each photo and attach it to the post in the right order.  but im sure i'll eventually find some more convenient something with the new format.  liiiike how pretty and shiny it is.

white carrot [heirloom], random pickings, and a lime beer
my remaining 3 carrots.  apparently 10852349 seeds = 4 carrots.  i shall remember that in the future.
future eggplants of america
the last gasp of the dill before it was thrown into the "pile-to-be-mowed-over"
another batch of pickin's
i feel like there should be some secret message in the peppers.  like "hi mom" ...but really i had arranged them by height.  the itty bitty ones on the right were supposed to stay on the plant but my vigorous wrenching of a neighboring pepper resulted in their untimely doom.


  1. omg...the carrot seed comment made me LOL literally.

    and where's the obligatory pic of frankers??

  2. new frankers pics!


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