Wednesday, September 8, 2010

blue polka-dotted brown skirt

found: one high-waist size 12 boden wool blend [lined] skirt at a thrift store for $6

problem:  size 12 ....european.  which is an 8 in american sizes.  or its a really old [doubt it] "vintage" skirt from back in the day when the average size 10 was small.  instead of the inflated average size 10 which accounts for fatty fatso americans.  regardless... way too fucking small for me.  but i liked the fabric, pattern, and style.
solution: cut off the waistband and remove the zipper and then.. do something else. 
post removal [including lining]
i serged the top edge cos too much futzing with potential ideas was making it fray like a bitch.
the zipper removal left the slit serged but unfinished, so i sewed it and double rolled the serged edge
lastly.. i added hooks.  cos i wasnt about to attempt zipper replacement.  plus i found matching thread in my giant-bag-o-embroidery-floss and despite my inability to sew in a straight line..i made some cute little french knots.  when it gets a little cooler [ie not 95 degrees] i will wear the skirt and take a picture.  or sell it on etsy.  havent really decided.

the end.

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