Thursday, September 16, 2010

ghetto cupcake season

the "worst ny summer ever" has broken.  thank god.  it was officially cool enough to use the oven yesterday.  keep in mind, we have possibly the most uninsulated oven in existence.  and the thermostat runs about 25 degrees hot.  but i digress.  I MADE CUPCAKES! 

but as it turned out, the mental picture i had was... about what i created.  not. so. great.
back to school!  ummm its a school house that reads "PS 71" and an apple.  in case you couldnt tell.  PS as in..public school.  and 71 is our house number.  which a former resident of the house ::ahem:: didnt seem to realize when she picked up her cupcakes-to-go. 
frank cupcakes.  noone likes black fondant and... i dont think i even know how to make black with food coloring.  and in these pictures it only is sort of apparent the cookie cutter was a cat... but whatever.  plus one cupcake is missing as a current roommate enjoys cupcakes without frosting.  too much sugar.  even though he eats half a box of children's cereal daily...
a closeup of a particuarly good looking apple.  it was a heart cookie cutter with the bottom cut off.  and yes with a layer of power sugar crack. 
a crack kitty close up
and just for good measure since my purchase of discount disposable [recyclable] cupcake containers has "creme filled" stickers... theyre your mom filled instead.  yep.  went there.

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