Monday, September 6, 2010

sad pancake puppies get dressed

so my new netbook apparently doesn't really like to play pandora, scroll google reader, and update hotmail all simultaneously.  but it is still adorable and 2.8 pounds of speedy portable word processing email checking music playing [all individually of course] technology. 
denny's has come to long island, in the hopes of making new yorkers as fat as midwesterners.  and theyre off to a brilliant start with their new cookies and cream oreo pancake puppies.  picture a typical day at the iowa state fair.  you approach a booth selling "deep fried pancake balls!!!"  with the addition of oreo crumbles and white chocolate chips and a side of maple syrup for dipping.. all that is lacking is a stick.  i mean wtf.  YOU CANT EAT FRIED FAIR FOOD WITHOUT A STICK.  cmon denny's.  try a little harder. 
  • necklace: from some vendor at the greek fest
  • black shirt: gap outlet
  • turquoise skirt: glassons
  • mint green slip: savers thrift store

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