Wednesday, September 15, 2010

peruvian corn

just like at sushi samba.  only not.  chocolo [the corn people eat] is different than maiz [the corn animals eat] and in latin america it's known as mote.  same as hominy and...gigantic corn kernels.  but i was perusing the aisles of bravo! [new neighborhood grocery store] and found mote pelado-where the tough outer shell has been dissolved away by lye!  mmmm delicious!  and being stupid i bought the dry corns..which require 16 hours of soaking like dried beans.  when really, i should have bought a bag of the frozen.  but i digress.
prepping my giant corns
actual size
2 hour boil after 18 hour soak
all plumpy and waiting to saute in butter [with red peppers and taco seasoning]
mmm.  great with eggs, melted cheese, bread, beer, whatever.

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