Thursday, September 9, 2010

curry club

my new place of employment:
kind of dumpy from the outside.  it doesnt help that the major road along the building frontage is being repaved and widened.  aaand vibrations from construction knocked the sign down.  but blah blah dont judge a book by its cover... plus its a restaurant.  often the "hole in the wall" place has awesome frikkin food.
ganesh and a small chandelier greet you at the door along with this guy
who sits in a row with his buddies.  together they guard the lunch buffet [$10 on weekdays $12 on weekends] which yesterday consisted of:
yellow daal, mushroom masala, channa saag, vege pakora curry
lentil coconut basmati rice [best thing ever]
raj's artfully arranged vege tray
the oft sought chicken tikka masala, and [unpictured] lamb vinadalu, mixed chicken kebab, and chicken pakora-indian fried chicken.
a very ornate pitcher im doomed to knock over some day
and to close, some sparkly barely clothed art.  i do enjoy that shes kneeling in some kind of goblet.  the middle eastern version of a champagne glass hot tub perhaps?

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