Sunday, September 19, 2010

food and frank part 972

yep.  thats 4 ounces of basil.  half of which i cooked in a sauce and half of which i put in the fridge..and promptly forgot about.  so it rotted.  lame. 
even more frikkin tomatoes.  18 plants seemed like such a good idea at the time..
i may be an old lady that cooks, crafts, and takes pictures of her cat, but frank is really fucking entertaining.  i bought a new laptop/shoulder bag at target [the apparently now sold out poketo line.  very cute.] and it was of course filled with paper to make it look nice, but otherwise is boon to the environment blah blah.  frank LOVED it.  he unrolled part and sat on it.  when i figured out what he was up to i unrolled another part and put it over him, forming a small frank cave.  he sat in it for about 30 minutes while toni and i watched tv.  shortly after the 30 minute was "frank will now make as much crinkly noise as felinely possible" time.  so we recycled the paper.  the end.
another frank moment.  plastic bag + cat = burrito.  possibly a purrito?  ...naw. 


  1. omg a purrito!!!!! daw, the frankster.... :P

  2. he is getting crazier by the day.


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