Saturday, May 15, 2010

lost cake

not as in...unfound.

however i couldnt find cake pans. so i used two 9" pie pans and made a flying saucer shaped cake. chocolate [box] cake with dark chocolate buttercream frosting

and then decorated it with the lost dharma initiative logo in fondant! after some very brief research [google dharma initiative..] i found dharma is actually an acronym for "department for heuristics and research on material applications". i have no idea what that frikkin means. and i dont remember ever hearing it spelled out on the show.

but it was for pj's birthday. and i couldnt fit "happy birthday" in the middle. so just a name had to suffice. the end.

ok ill say it. its a little ghetto. but it was pretty damn tasty until i managed to inhale frosting into my lung. then i about choked to my demise in the kitchen/living room/bathroom.

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