Thursday, November 10, 2011

500 and the future

my 500th post!  holy crap.  here are some goals ive had hanging around.  in no particular order except the first.

find a full time job in renewable/sustainable energy field
move away from long island
decorate a new apartment
buy a car that is cheaper to repair
find a new ballroom dance studio
take guitar lessons
take singing lessons
determine if im too scared to attempt horseback riding lessons
finish my pile of sewing projects
attend regular kickboxing classes
find another pilates studio
run a mile
take art classes
use a dress pattern [instead of amassing a pile]
not kill all my plants
have more regular successful baking attempts
sew a coat
send weekly paper mail to friends and grammie
start a new garden
refrain from getting another kitty
impose shopping ban on self
pay off college loan
start IRA [dependent on getting a full time job]
visit nz again

gratuitous kitten!  cos every post needs a picture

and not so seriously...

skills i need for the zombie apocalypse:
hotwire a car/boat
load/shoot a gun
drive a 16 wheeler


  1. in case you didn't notice... i pretty much stalk you when i'm not busy at work. my fav goal is probably 'run a mile' :) you can doooooooooo it! but not in nike running shoes cuz they will seriously wreck your feet.

  2. perhaps i should add "in shoes" to the mile. i can pretty easily jog the 5 minute warm up before kickboxing...but its barefoot and in circles around the studio. but i tried to run the length of street the other day and it hurt everywhere. im scared of those sockless toe-shoes.

  3. those really scare me too! BUT I have heard they are amazing! I love this post btw. When are you moving to Maine? Horseback riding is on my list (in my head) so we should do it together in the spring if you are back (I'm not going out riding horses in the cold or snow!) That will give you some time to not be afraid----horses are great.
    I also like the not killing plants one- can't give you any advice on that one though.. I am horrible.
    The best is zombie prep- although you should probably be moving to the st. albans area rather than portland area.. way too many people to become zombies down there. Here.. I'm pretty sure we probably wouldn't even know an apocalypse was going on...

  4. end of december/before the 15th of jan... hahha. spring horseback riding? YUSS!

    idk if not knowing the zombie apocalypse is happening is better or worse than being involved in it... did you ever read steven king's "the fog"? terrifying.


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