Sunday, November 27, 2011

belated thanksgiving

thanksgiving in maine is being thankful for family, solar hot water making the living room 80 degrees in the beginning of winter, and the fact that the generator didnt kick on during dinner.  but the posting issue lies in the access to sketchy satellite internet.  so late post.  sorry bunnies.

but here are some of the tasties we snarfed down
le tableau
free-range organic hippy dippy turkey, all trussed up professional-like by a doctor

click to enlarge any of the following: baked squash, broiled maple sweet potatoes, stuffing, lemon parm green beans, sauerkraut [traditional czech style], cottage cheese rolls, dumpling, honey mustard brussel sprouts, 7 fruit salad, and the spread.  with gravy

my plate! and yes we also had rice.  im asian.  its tradition.

and last but certainly not least...
PIE!  chocolate pecan, mixed berry, apple, grape, and pumpkin


  1. Visiting from ftlob. Grape pie? I've never heard of such a thing. Tell me more! Your table is beautiful. And 80 degree living room - whoa.

  2. thanks for checking out the blog!

    concord grape pie. turns out you have to peel the grapes, cook them down, add the skins back, cook it down some more, then bake it in a pie. my mom said she hasnt made one for about 15 years. no wonder.. and surprisingly tasty since i dont like grapes outside of wine

    and yes my parents have quite a nice if not overly warm house. only part of the many reasons i can't move back home with my psycho-cat...


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