Sunday, November 13, 2011

autumn in nyc

union square park from the 4th floor of filene's basement
trying to balance the ridiculously sunny day and the brilliant blue sky.  lighting fail.
 an amazing east village bakery you should visit
click to enlarge the awesomeness.  i had a mini hazelnut tart as a pre-dinner snack.  slightly crispy base filled with hazelnut creme, topped with chopped hazelnuts and a dollop of nutella.  bella e delicioso!

and we found a great place for dinner: mexicana mama
  • ~$30 for drink and entree
  • decor: a bit dim but not gaudy
  • music: overly loud
  • service: quite good
  • chips and guac: excellente [not greasy or overly salty]
  • portions: what normal people should eat [read: not chipotle sized]
we had happy hour drinks [blood orange margarita] and i admired the rainbow of jarritos behind the bar.  reading reviews post-visit, i realize we were quite lucky to get a table. we met at 6:45 on a tuesday, so probably earlier than the regular dinner crowd.  we were one of 3 tables when we started eating, and after an average-length meal the other 8 tables were at capacity.
plus there was quite the assortment of pickled jalapenos and cans of unknown dulces.  for actual food i had the taco de puerco-chili pork with cheese and beans, a side of rice and guac.  many of the foods are purported to be made with "chihuahua cheese" not nearly as frightening as it sounds.  in fact it is not made of dogs.  or by dogs.  its...ooey gooey goodness.

in a nutshell: teeny tiny restaurant, good food, a little pricey.

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