Friday, November 11, 2011

more things you find in a thrift store

like that old western, the good, the bad, and the uuuugly.  [first installment here]
a bambi pendant
and appropriately named..chucherias.  if i were not moving forthwith, these would have come home with me.  or at the very least, the green square/rectangle and the fish. 

the stuff i didnt buy:
applique pheasants?  DO. NOT. WANT.
crotch-length body-con black sparkles with toreador ruffles?  ... uuuuugly.

and some more good.

what i discovered to be a hurley hoodie from some kind of sample sale

ridiculously cute details made me pay too much for a used sweatshirt at east village thrift

a tropical floral from buffalo exchange

linking up to recycled fashion finds, thrifters anonymous, thriftaholics weekly, and thursdays are for thrifters.  not sure if these link ups are enabling me or...

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  1. I love your good and not so good. My fav was the sweat jacket and the deer pin. If you have time come visit! I am posting thrift buys tomorrow.

    Always Summer

  2. Oh Yeah, I would have bought the bottles too!

  3. thanks for visiting lesa! the link to your blog didn't show up.. can you add an http link?

  4. I am crazy about the bambi pendant. The dress and hoodie are cute too. Thanks for linking up!

  5. thanks for hosting! the hoodie is so unbelievably comfortable and it fits my freakishly long arms!


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