Sunday, November 13, 2011

curbside crap

since moving to long island, i have noticed... people put a lot of good stuff out at the curb for trash day.  usually, it gets damaged since it rains about every 2 days or it gets put out the night before and is picked up immediately and thrown in collection truck.  not only is this really really wasteful [like much of life on the island..] but 90% of the time its only slightly used and could be donated or resold with very little effort.

being a horder-in-training, i collected a few sweet pieces on saturday.  friday was veteran's day, so no trash pick up.  but most people [our house included] forgot and put trash out anyway.  it hasnt rained for a record 4 days, and i only picked up stuff that could easily be cleaned, ie no furniture.
hard-sided faux alligator suitcase
replete with inside pockets, built-in hangers, and a fold-over clothes protector.  and a bus luggage tag!  the suitcase will either stay as is, or will [eventually] be made into a table/chair

a vinyl bowling bag [i removed the bowling ball and icky shoes]
 heavy plastic picture frame, with probably tacky picture already removed.  i will be making this into a jewelry holder or a chalkboard like this:


  1. the suitcase is an amazing find. what a score!

  2. thanks! i was shocked it was still on the curb when i drove home an hour later so i snapped it up. then walked back and got the bowling bag.. haha

  3. Uh, hope you sterilize for bedbugs!

  4. well i didnt pick up any furniture.. the bowling bag is vinyl, and it looked like the suitcase hadnt been touched in a decade. theyre sitting in the living room still ...should they retire to the garage for awhile?


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