Sunday, November 20, 2011

more thrifting

im supposed to be packing to move.  not buying more things.  i know.  back off.

this is what im actually wearing today
  • faux wrap dress: thrifted
  • jeggings: uniqlo
awesome $10 brand new ankle boots.  <2" heel is actually walkable and the buttons are frikkin adorable

click for mas

acrylic sweater-def more aqua than green like this pic shows
the same shirt from kohls that i had bought [for $30] and returned to the store about a month ago.  for $6. 
and i thought this skirt deserved an outfit.  its a semi-loose pencil skirt with a pleated ruffle around the bottom.  someday when i have more time i will probably try and use it to make a pattern
white tunic-length top.  im still undecided if i will just leave it as is, add an overlay to the patterned part, or dye it.  any thoughts?
definitely the wrong season for this, but perfect length for either wearing as a dress or over leggings.  and i love the lace/crochet shoulders
lastly.. a red ann taylor skirt!  with a faux fur wrap i started quite awhile ago and only recently [last week] finished it with a clasp and some pins.  we'll see if i actually wear it out of the house..

linking up to shana's thrifters anonymous
Thrifters Anonymous


  1. dye the tunic top! blue? even if the shiny part doesn't take the dye it'll look snazzy

  2. Really like that pleated skirt. Such great finds@

  3. thanks! i remember seeing another version of the skirt at savers but it was about a size 3. maybe it would fit over one leg.. but this one is perfect!

  4. oooh. light or navy?


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