Sunday, November 13, 2011

word clouds

awhile ago, the mums sent me a blog post from one of her fellow librarians.  it had creative alternatives to the traditional word cloud and i made these.  and then promptly lost them on my computer.  now, instead of diligently working on my thesis, i decided it was an appropriate time to post.
[i'm from iowa.  i eat pigs.  they are both tasty and adorable.]  i find it interesting one of the big words is "thrift".  also that "unreasonable" made it onto the list of commonly used words.  hmm..

this other one is from wordle.  not as many crazy shapes, but a nice array of fonts and colors.  again thrift is prominent.  as are "skirt" "step" and "shitty".



  1. the word clouds look very interesting, I like how the colors and different type sizes are juxtaposed. The pig is cute. I think they make very nice posters.


  2. thanks! they have a bunch of different color schemes, shapes, and word orientations. just click the pic and itll take you to the site i got them from


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