Tuesday, November 15, 2011

other thrifted stuff

if you live somewhere sad and savers-less.. they had a veteran's day sale with 50% off everything.  ms. k and i went to the super secret night-before-awesome-people's sale and perused for the 2 full hours before closing.  for $42... [the price of an h&m sweater] here is what i got
vintage polka dot dress that fits PERFECTLY minus the fact the zipper is all kinds of dead and i need to replace it
semi-tie-dyed tank top [calvin klein cos im a big ole ckbrandwhore]
a rather 90s tackytastic dress that i have already cut into a top and unfinished skirt 
 a $4 silk dress from this massively overpriced brand that i have never heard of
something relatively normal
a tacky plaid and floral skirt that has become a flouncy xmas miniskirt
yeeup not quite sure what im doing with this still.  thinking maybe ill do some of this action
a blue blazer which..unfortunately is what the mums is looking for.  fortunately for me, this would never fit her [unless it was tailored like 4 sizes smaller] so i get to keep the perfectly fitting jacket with amazing lace print lining!
a wooly winter skirt
and a tacky men's shirt to wear over stuff as a dress

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