Saturday, February 27, 2010

miscellany from last week

bug in a rug is a snug thug in pjs.

frank and his doppelganger
do not like mash and banger
they bat around clothes hanger
and bite often in love and anger

for a secret project i HAVE YET TO START! EFF

some news/weather outlets were accused of inciting panic in the most recent storm we had. i disagree wholeheartedly. PARALYZING BLIZZARD would neeeever incite panic. if only it were a wav file.. then the DOWNED TREES and IMPASSABLE ROADS could flash on and off like a bad neon sign. and the "low" L could swoop in from the south

not only are these snacks crispy, airy, and a little bit sweet, the happy potato is so fucking cute how could you pass one up? and of course theyre korean!

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