Tuesday, February 16, 2010

greek food night

in celebration of fat tuesday [i obviously am neither french nor greek...] i decided to cook a rather elaborate spread.

keftethakias [without the soaked slice of bread step. too lazy] but i did puree the onion, oil, and herbs and then used the kitchenaid mixer to blend. so i didnt have to touch it. ...my brilliant plot was foiled when i remembered meatballs require a rolling into ball o' meat step.

spicy feta stuffed peppers [not so spicy even made with jalapenos]

greek style tilapia turned out a little disappointing and very fishy.

my plate, complete with garlic/olive oil israeli couscous [out of a box], tzatziki sauce, and olive tapenade. most of my recipes are from about.com purely due to the weird categorization allowing it to be unblocked at work.

crosseyed kitters waits for a meatball to roll his way

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