Thursday, February 25, 2010

cool colors

more dark colors with black. cos it is still winter after all.

  • tunic/dress: industry via ideeli [has swimming swans. not doves as advertised. or emus as i originally thought]
  • shirt: calvin klein outlet
  • leggings: uniqlo
  • shoes: dsw [grey and turquoise instead of the usual grey/black]

  • purple shirt: target [4-5 years ago?]
  • tunic top: necessary clothing nyc [$7!]
  • vest: uniqlo
  • skinny black pants: h&m
  • shoes: kenneth cole
and yes i mixed sparkles and faux fur. very un-me. but it was very comfy and thats all i really care about

i actually received quite a few comments on my hair today. positive ones no less. and to think its my "OMG IM RUNNING LATE AND MY HAIR IS A FRO" hairdo. 5 braids and a hairclip. and it really shows how much i need to redye my hair. even though the roommates were convinced my hair color/s were natural...

1 comment:

  1. bbbahahahhah i love this post. and especially cuz you were wearing a VEST!!!!! I LOOOOOVe puffy vests!! probably why i own....3.... used to be 4 but i decided that was too ridiculous so i gave one to connor....

    miss you! your updates make me want to update my blog... so maybe i will...ornot.


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