Thursday, February 4, 2010

foods of last week

fresh giuntas meat farms produce. sounds a bit incongruous eh?

apples and nectarines. red and orangey contrasting nicely with the black and clear appliances in the background

three words: BON. CHON. CHICKEN. you haven't had fried chicken until you have had this. sweet spicy garlicy crispy not greasy amazingness in a wing!

  • located: 478 plainview rd, hicksville [actually corner of s oyster bay and old country]
  • price: $10-$25 for meal and shared chicken
  • service: surprisingly quick and attentive for how busy it was
  • decor: sparse but classy
  • spice: eeeeh more along the lines of whitey spicy unfortunatly
best dishes
next to the h&y marketplace. unfortunatly their entire website is in korean. and the only korean i know is my name and how to say "i do not understand korean. do you understand english?" my phonetic translation is "hangul-godul morumnida. young-aldurl ashimnika". shame on me and my ancestors i know. blah blah.

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