Wednesday, June 4, 2014

adventures in biddeford - and behind door number 1

last weekend a coworker and i ventured out to biddeford.  a former mill town, now pretty much back in the great depression [and incredibly depressing], struggling to keep drug dealers out of parks, stopping meth heads from burning down their own houses, and preventing stabbings and shootings.  but a rich and colorful history prevails and the heart of biddeford is trying their damnedest to make it a thriving economic wonder.  best of luck.

anywho.  we did the secret spaces tour and as much as i just want to do the photo dump i did on fb, some of these places deserve a little history.  we started at the pepperell mill which has been partially converted to mixed use residential/commercial, and is slowly being refurbished [also i really want to work there now..].  the old mill produced cotton which was used for sheets and blankets, and employed the requisite child labor.  one of our tour guides said he used to give ghost tours, but was asked to stop as the potential for hauntings was scaring away potential business and renters.
if you peruse the pepperell website, there are some great shots of the renovated apartments which use the exposed brick and beams to their fullest glory, as well as reclaimed flooring from the mill.  i dont know the significance of blue/teal doors, but nearly every one in the mill was this color, each showing wear and tear differently. 
also, slightly ominous "not an exit" signs abound.  this one in particular leads to the lagoon...
tune in next time, on, adventures. in. biddeford! [read in the muppets pigs in space voice].  no for serial.  i have like 4 posts worth of pics. 

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