Tuesday, November 10, 2009


saturday [unlike 65 degree sunday] was perfect for doing yard work. 50, sunny, and just breezy enough to not get too hot but not too much as to blow leaves around. so i delegated toni and jason to yard-help-duty. we cleared out the garden in preparation for next year, toni and jason raked the front yard, and i reorganized the garage for storage, access to stuff in storage, and potential future beer pongage.

150 daffodil bulbs [25 tulips elsewhere]

flower bed minus dead flowers

dun dunnn. mixture of daffodils and tulips waiting to be planted

brussels sprout plant enjoying its last few moments in the sun. they were planted waaaay too late and mostly just sat around being cabbagey instead of sprouty.

daffodils are a member of the onion family. i prefer to eat neither. squirrels on the other hand have since dug up a few as a tasty treat.

that's a cat butt. presumably of the momma frank.

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